Language defines everything, but meaning is also delivered beyond words. We are highly trained professionals with a profound understanding of how to deliver a message in the most effective way.


Today's globalized world means that, on a daily basis, most of us work in a multilingual environment. Even when using just one language, e.g. English, different conventions are used in different media. For example, on Twitter you have to convey your message very efficiently since only 280 characters are available; Facebook allows longer texts but you may face the risk of boring your potential customers; and blogs may be ideal for content-based marketing but rarely reach large audiences. These differences in conventions are our specialty.

Let's use a more concrete example: Global business English differs greatly from its Finnish equivalent, as Finnish language communications take a very 'straight to the point' approach. Although 'business Finnish' uses a lot of English words and expressions, the same cultural conventions still usually stand. As such, you may be pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of Finnish businesses, but at the same time you may flinch when the message is delivered as it is, in some cases without any additional expressions to embellish the message - or from the perspective of a non-Finn, to deliver it in a more polite way.

Our consultations and training courses will help you boost your Finnish and English communications to a new level.

In addition, we also provide foreign companies with consultations focused on the peculiarly sincere but often blunt Finnish ways of communicating. Knowledge of cultural differences and the most common pitfalls will make your business stand out in Finland and beyond. Polished communications will help you present the best possible image of yourself.

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