Three Voices Media promotes businesses and breaks the barriers between different means of communication.

Hey! Nice to meet you. We are Three Voices Media. Marko, Pekka, and Riku!


The story of Three Voices Media started in 2017. We are a language and communication business by three Finnish and English language experts. We specialize in English and Finnish, and we each have our own areas of special expertise. In total, we cater high-quality language services in four languages: English, Finnish, Swedish, German, and Russian. Together we complement each other and make for a balanced team of professionals, each with their own unique voice.


We create modern media services such as online content, translation, transcription, and other language expert services. In this case 'modern' is more than just a buzzword: we have optimized our business model from the very beginning, and we are proud to say that we deliver a unique combination of high-quality language services and competitive rates. A customer-oriented approach is at the very heart of our business, and our main philosophy is to always ensure that our customers are content and can enjoy peace of mind.

Environmentally friendly

We are ecofriendly by default. We work at home or in cafes, we don't use any paper in our work, and all our electronics are compensated so we are proud to call ourselves a zero waste business. When you order from us, you can rest assured that nature will also appreciate the service.

Feel free to contact us to discuss co-operation or send us a free quote to get an expert to evaluate your needs!